So one day after classes, my speaking partner and I decided to meet up and go to Osaka Castle.  None of the plum blossoms were blooming, but soon enough it’ll be that time of year.

The outside of the castle was gorgeous, with a large stone base and white outer walls.  It’s amazing to think of the history behind something so grand.

Getting into the castle to see the museum wasn’t too expensive.  Once on the first floor, you can either take the elevator and work your way down, or you can work your way up using the stairs.

We ended up taking the elevator.

The view from the observation deck was amazing!  You could see so much of Osaka from the top.  You could also see a number of the decorations one the castle that you couldn’t see from the bottom.

Working our way through the museum, the history of Osaka castle was explained.  The exhibit explaining the Siege of Osaka was really interesting.  There were multiple images depicting the siege, particularly the Summer Campaign.  On the first floor of the museum, there were some of the decorations that were used on the outside of the building.

Throughout the multiple reconstructions, it’s nice to see that much of the building appears the same as it did back in the day.  While the inside had to be updated in order to fit the museum exhibits, it’s still nice to see that this piece of history is well taken care of.

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