These past couple of weeks have been crazy! I have traveled to the Lake District, Manchester, Bath, and back to London. But now that school is coming to close, the workload is picking up… exponentially.

Photo Credits: Michaela Thompson

While I have been here, I have become good friends with a Shakespeare fanatic-Michaela. She has introduced me to a whole new genre of plays that while I liked before I came to E
ngland, I have now come to truly appreciate. So the reason for our trip back to London was because she had extra tickets to Henry V which was performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company. The set design, lighting, and acting were completely innovative; all the actors commanded the stage adding elements of comedic relief that I didn’t think existed in Shakespeare’s histories. But importantly, I have checked off one of the things I wanted to do while here-see a play by the Royal Shakespeare Company (with an added bonus of it being in London).

View of the Roman Baths with Bath Abbey in the background.

But on our way to London, we stopped in the beautiful city of Bath,  home of Jane Austen. She has always been one of my favorite authors; so like seeing a Shakespearean play, this was something on my English bucket list that has now been completed. While the Roman baths were fascinating and the Royal Crescent was picturesque, halfway through our trip it began to not snow but also not hail. I guess it slushed? No one was prepared for it so sadly our exploration of the city was limited. Despite the weather, it was still beautiful and I can’t wait to see the city again in the future.  Next week I go to Ireland. A country I am so incredibly excited to explore!

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