So this week is the 5th week in the 10 week fall term and I can’t believe how time is just going. I have done so much since I arrived and I there are so many more adventures to come! Most recently, I’ve gone back to London and to Manchester. While both are some of the largest cities in the UK, the difference between the two is stark. They each have such a different feel and energy and I like them both for different reasons.

12186523_896985100387636_7406632491492248105_oOn my last adventure to London we visited the beautiful and iconic Hampton Court with its most famous resident being King Henry VII and his six wives. Interestingly, Henry built different rooms for each of his different wives. I can’t imagine being one of his wives and constantly having to be reminded of his past and the other wives’ devastating ends. That would be terrifying and grueling. But the palace as a whole was overwhelming. There were so many rooms decorated lavishly and the lifestyle at Hampton Court mirrored that luxury. There was a wine fountain were people could drink at any time and feasts were held frequently. In order for this to happen  12185023_896984987054314_1120839112484613356_othere was an elaborate network of kitchens that were in constant use. Those rooms were almost as intricate as the palace rooms but in a different way. The gardens were outstanding and colorful too, even in this time of year. Furthermore, this was a special year to visit as the Court was celebrating its 500-year anniversary. While we didn’t see it, they have had special celebrations and events throughout the year! It was one of my favorite places I have visited and I would go back in a second!12176179_908786065873236_698187903_o

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