So my term at Lancaster has officially begun. Classes are different here and it will take sometime to adjust, but overall, I like it. Just within the first week I was able to notice the difference between the two education systems. I have come to realize that the political science classes in America focus extensively on American Politics. And even if it is an international politics class, it focuses on how these relations will affect the United States. In Lancaster, and I am assuming other schools in the UK as well, discuss politics on a more encompassing level. While they do mention how international politics will affect Great Britain, it is a side note and does not necessarily drive every class discussion, as it would back home. Just within the first week, these classes have forced me to examine the politics of the world on a different level, which I believe will help me gain a more well-rounded view of how politics works on a larger scale.
IMG_8686More importantly, I went to back London this weekend and had the great fortune to see some of the greatest actors in British Film history-Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, Ralph Fiennes, and Ciarán Hinds. On Friday night, I went to the movie premiere for High-Rise and A Bigger Splash and was able to see some of these actors in person and get their autographs. The following night, I went to see the production of Hamlet staring Benedict Cumberbatch in the Barbican Theater. The set was beautiful. The acting was phenomenal. And the whole experience was just unbelievable. But, the most unexpected thing happened. As we were standing in the lobby waiting for the production to start, we saw TIMG_8762om Hiddleston walk right next to us. How unbelievable is it that my friend who bought the tickets over two years ago would book them the same night as Tom Hiddleston. So the point-I got to see Tom Hiddleston not once but twice in the same weekend! These past couple of days was filled with such unexpected adventures, meeting new and wonderful people from all over the world, and having the fortune to see some of the most influential people in the film industry. It will be hard to forget this weekend and I hope more exciting weekends like this will come!

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  1. I am insanely jealous that you saw Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston on the same night. Do you have plans to see any other performances in London?

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