What an experience the past couple of weeks have been! I have traveled around Europe and have been to some of the most incredible places in the world. As a very inexperienced traveler, what astonished me most was the fact that each country had is own distinct culture yet was so geographically close. While you learn about that, experiencing that phenomenon was so rewarding.


Out of the many places I have ventured to, I would say that London and the Scottish Highlands are my favorite places. But the most interesting place I went to was Budapest. Going from London to Budapest within the span of a couple houIMG_7520rs truly emphasizes the differences between the two places. While London is known for their iconic figures and places, Budapest has the most breath-taking buildings. For example, the Hungarian Parliament building is incredibly intricate and massive that it can be overwhelming. But there are many juxtapositions in the city. For example, as a result of the communist rule, there are many communist monuments. But interestingly, by one of the most famous communist monuments, there is a memorial of FDR. This along with others quirks about the city just made Budapest one of the most interesting stops on my journey.

After freshers’ week, I went to the Scottish Highlands and Edinburgh. Seeing Loch Ness was overwhelming in a different way than seeing the Hungarian Parliament building. While the building is man made, just viewing the massive size of the lake (73 miles long and 754 feet deep) and learning about the history of it makes you realize how vast the world is. When traveling abroad, I wanted to experience as many different cultures as possible. In traveling these past three weeks, I have seen and experienced more cultures than I ever have and have realized just how truly big the world is.IMG_8350 IMG_8321

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