My first class is over! Tomorrow, I will leave for a backpacking tour around Europe with one of the girls I met here. We are starting our adventure in London. Then we are off to Basel, Budapest, Krakow, Amsterdam, and finally Liverpool. These next two weeks have been incredibly difficult to plan, but with the help of our new friend Darren at the travel agency, it has been possible!

Never having been in Europe before, we wanted to experience the diversity of European cultures and their histories that is why we are going all over the place. In London, our goal is to see a play in the Globe Theater and witness the changing of the guards. We also want to go on the London Eye to see London from one of the tallest points in the city. In Basel, our goal is to find amazing strudel (and to explore the city of course). In Budapest, we cannot wait to see the beautiful spas. There are these great historical houses that are dedicated to improving health through these ancient baths that date back hundreds and hundreds of years! In Krakow, we have booked a tour of Auschwitz. While I’m a looking forward to this day, I know it will be one of the most humbling experiences and a constant reminder of the horrors of war. After Krakow, we are off to Amsterdam to see the beautiful artwork of Van Gogh. Afterwards, we end our journey in Liverpool to head back to Lancaster. We only have 1 day to recover before we move in and officially start fall term. We will be tired after this journey but so ready to start the official fall semester!

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