So I have officially been in England for two full weeks. While people tell you that studying abroad goes by so quickly I had no idea how fast the time flies. It feels like I arrived in Manchester only a couple of days ago. England feels similar to the US in many ways but with subtle differences. For example, for the first solid week I would be so confused by the driving. I know they drive on the left and I also realized that the driver side is opposite. But at first, I would panic when looking out the window thinking ‘why is that small toddler driving a car!’. Within the second, I would understand my mistake and realize that the child was in fact not driving the car. But the similar pattern of driving translates into walking. When walking down a crowded sidewalk, I have to remembe to walk on the left side or I run into countless people. But I can positively say that as the second week is closing, I have finally become accustomed to some small changes like this.

IMG_6640On a different not, last Saturday I went to the beautiful town Whitby on the east coast. It is home to Whitby Abbey which was first established in 657 AD. Despite being incredibly old, the Abbey is more famous for inspiring Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Only enhanced by the presence of the Abbey and the surrounding graveyard, the town itself has a gothic feel. The houses are narrow and line a crooked brick lane. Furthermore, there are countless gothic vendors roaming the streets. You can’t help but be completely submersed in the ‘horror movie’ atmosphere. At the time and just across the river, there was a folk festival. Men and women of all ages sang and danced to traditional folk music while sporting full folk attire. These people had come from all over the country, crowding the streets and adding so much life to the other side of the town! If I get the chance, I will definitely travel back. That has been my favorite day in England so far! Cheers! IMG_6632IMG_6675

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  1. Whitby was one of my favorite places I visited when I studied abroad in England! I loved the quaint little town with the beautiful views and the Dracula inspired Abbey you described. I hope your legs aren’t too sore from all the steps required to get up to that Abbey!

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