Sevilla, Spain
Sevilla, Spain

Hello from Sevilla!

This past weekend I decided to take a trip out to Sevilla and it was an incredible experience encompassing a great variety of tapas, flamenco dancing and site visiting. Upon arriving, we first went to the Alcazar and saw the vast riches of the palace. (The same palace that Game of Thrones shot scenes in). The Alcazar was massive and the Moorish architecture was incredibly impressive. After that, we moved on to the Cathedral of Sevilla that houses the tomb of Christopher Columbus. The tomb itself was beautiful and the detail of its artistic composition was extremely elaborate. Quite a site to see. While still in the cathedral we went up to the top of the bell tower 17 stories up. (Hence the origin of the picture of the city ^^) From that point we could see the entirety of the city in every direction.

That night we took a tour of the best tapas restaurants in Sevilla courtesy of a tour from “No Soy un Turista” tours. This tour took us to 4 separate places that had some of the best dishes. From the freshest fish to the tenderest chicken, the tapas were unbelievable. Each restaurant had their own unique take to cooking which made the experience as a whole all the more entertaining. While on this tour we walked through the streets of both Sevilla and neighboring Triana, and that alone was amazing as this place was entirely different from the ruckus of the Madrid city environment.

All in all, Sevilla was a phenomenal experience and I really cannot wait to return in the future.


Troy Hoecker

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