It’s already the second week of classes here in Münster! Time is flying by, but I guess that means we are having a lot of fun 🙂 we go to school each morning from 9 am – 12:30 pm and then three times a week we have an additional intensive course until 3 pm. This is a lot of time speaking German and I’m already noticing an improvement in my own vocabulary and speaking.

On Saturday several of the rollins students and I went to Köln on a trip organized by Kapito. It was a very long day filled with a lot of walking but I’m so glad we went!! The Kölner Dom was absolutely breathtaking with it’s high arches and detailed architecture. It also took my breath away when I climbed the 364 steps up to the top of the tower! The view from the top was incredible; you could see all of Köln.


The rest of our day consisted of shopping,  tasting chocolate from the chocolate museum, and eating dinner overlooking the Rhein river. When I got back I quickly went to bed because I knew Sunday was going to be an eventful day!

Sunday afternoon Frau Decker showed the group some of the historical sites in Münster which were very interesting. We also walked all of the way around the Promenade which used to be the wall that surrounded the city. Now it’s the main pedestrian/bike path around the Altstadt.

Sunday evening I met up with the other rollins students and the other friends that we have made while in Kapito. We decided to watch the World Cup final match on the Kuhlviertel which is the main street of university pubs here. The street was packed with fans out to support their beloved Deutschland. When the game entered overtime the suspense grew amidst the fans, but when the game winning goal was scored everyone went crazy. Relief and happiness spread quickly as we all cheered and clapped for Germany. We even made many new friends who were interested in our studies. We were all so lucky to be here in Germany to witness them winning the World Cup and be able to celebrate with the locals. It was a night I will never forget!




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  1. Danielle, Thanks for sharing. What an exciting time to be in Germany and get to experience the World Cup! Love the face paint.

    -Becky, Summer Intern with International Programs

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