I’m glad to say that the first week at Kapito Sprachschule has been a success! I arrived in Münster on July 3rd.  It was the first time I had traveled abroad by myself and it went surprisingly well. I live with a lady named Rita Schulte. She is a “Krankenschwester” (nurse) at a local hospital. She has introduced me to nearby  restaurants and a grocery store where I can get incredibly priced groceries (groceries here seem to be much cheaper than in the U.S.A.!). She also introduced me to some of her friends from Münster which has further immersed me in the German culture.

My first impression of Münster is that it is an extremely safe and interesting city to learn in. I’m very impressed with the public transportation. The bus system is extremely efficient. It’s no problem if you miss your bus since there always seems to be an alternative. I was surprised to find that you can wait 20 minutes for the same bus line to return. I’m not used to having such a great mode of public transportation.

My favorite part of the trip so far has been trying the great food in Münster and working on my language skills. My favorite part of Münster is the Altstadt which strikes me as having a real German authenticity to it. I’m looking forward to what else this trip might bring my way as I have already learned much about the wonderful German culture, and myself in the process.

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  1. I love the Altstadt as well!! You can really experience the German culture through the architecture, the restaurants and bakeries, and the musicians singing on the streets!

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