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Author: Katie Heffley

My name is Katie Heffley and I am currently a student at Rollins College, majoring in Communications with a PR concentration.
OCA’s Second Annual Fall Festival

OCA’s Second Annual Fall Festival

It’s that time of the year, OCA’s Second Annual Fall Festival!

Join OCA for their next social skills event. OCA is having their fall festival to celebrate the changing of the seasons and the holidays that follow. The event takes place  November 17th 3:30-6:30. The fall festival includes games, activities, music, and a chili cook off! The event is free.  To register for the event email

Participate in the chili cook off! Participants interested may register as an individual or a team. To able to participate, individuals must be registered before the event and also provide a list of ingredients used for allergy purposes by November 15th. To register contact Margaret Thornton at 

To learn more about the event visit OCA.

3 Ways to Support Special Olympics

3 Ways to Support Special Olympics

Ever wonder the power of sports? Special Olympics impacts the lives of over 4.9 million athletes in over 172 countries worldwide (Special Olympics, 2017). Special Olympics helps people with intellectual disabilities overcome challenges through sports. To get involved locally Orange County has an upcoming basketball competition on Saturday, December 16, 2017. Here are 3 ways to support Special Olympics.


Donations help athletes obtain healthcare and experience the fun of participating in sports. You can make a donation through the Special Olympics website either monthly or a one time donation. Any amount makes a difference!


Volunteers could include photographers to photograph the events, people involved in health-care to provide free health examinations, or individuals interested in becoming a coach or official. The youth can also become involved in volunteering. There are many ways for students in high school or college to volunteer for events, become a coach, or be a fan.

Unified Sports 

Team sports bring people together. Special Olympics Unified Sports teams help to achieve that. People with and without intellectual disabilities participate in Unified Sports. This helps to break down stereotypes in an engaging way.

Special Olympics, through the power of sports, helps people with intellectual disabilities to discover new strengths. Special Olympics needs support to continue their mission and goals.

If you are interested in supporting Special Olympics please visit their website at Special Olympics to find local offices near you.

Wendy Chung’s TED Talk Explains What We Know and Don’t Know about Autism

Wendy Chung’s TED Talk Explains What We Know and Don’t Know about Autism

Vancouver, CA (March 2014)  Wendy Chung, a geneticist at the Simon’s foundation, shares her research about autism spectrum disorder. Chung shares what we know, educates society on the misunderstandings, and explains there is much more research and information needed about autism.

As a geneticist, Dr. Chung enlightens viewers about the spectrum of autism. She also makes clear that autism is genetic and not a result of vaccines. Chung explains, “Autism isn’t a single condition. It’s actually a spectrum of disorders,” She provides different cases of people with varying symptoms to strengthen her argument that autism has a spectrum. Chung wishes to make people with autism lives enhanced through informing people on her research.

To learn more about how you can help with people with autism in the Central Florida Area visit OCA