About Us

About Us

Welcome to KHJ Media!


We are three Rollins College Public Relations students developing a campaign for OCA. OCA is an organization dedicated to school aged children and adults with autism and other disabilities needing more opportunities to engage in age appropriate activities with their peers.

Now meet the team!

K is for Katie, a current senior at Rollins College.  Her reason for choosing this particular major is because it is a versatile major and educates you with essential life skills. Katie has effectively practiced these communications skills in leadership positions and previous internships. These experiences have helped her to acquire enhanced people skills, computer and writing skills, along with time management skills that are imperative to working in any business situation. PR is an important field because an organization only has one chance to effectively communicate their message and she sees herself fitting into this field due to her ability to market herself and the company that she works for.

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H is for Henry, a senior at Rollins College who is majoring in communication studies with a concentration on public relations. He has taken many classes that study the field of PR and would consider himself very comfortable with managing public relation profiles for any type of company. He plans to continue to take public relation courses through the rest of my college time and then look into graduate schools after undergraduate school.  See Henry’s LinkedIn 




J is for Jonas, a current senior student at Rollins College studying Economics. His interests lie in Real Estate, specifically market analysis and commercial sales. His previous years at Rollins have been filled with immensely beneficial leadership opportunities. He has previously held office as the President of the Interfraternity Council. His career at Rollins has gifted him with a wealth of diverse experiences, and has formed him into a socially excellent leader, ready to conquer the business realm.

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