Orlando’s Community With Autism Needs YOU!

Orlando’s Community With Autism Needs YOU!

According to the Autism Society, changes being made to the Medicaid healthcare system aim to cut healthcare funding by an estimated $880 billion by 2020. While many think this healthcare program primarily benefits low-income women and children, these changes would most crucially effect the population of disabled Americans.

OCA, an organization based out of Orlando, Florida, has devoted all of its time, resources, and funding in order to provide a distinguished benefit to the Central Florida families affected by autism. Of the many obstacles this organization has faced, the biggest have been those that threaten their supply of financial assistance.

In speaking to OCA’s director Sylvia Haas about future plans for the organization, she could not help but verbalize her immediate concern regarding these budget cuts, ones that would strip her balance sheet of more than $1 million dollars of government aid.

KHJ media serves to promote OCA and the whole of the autistic community that is currently fighting for crucial government funding. To receive more insight on the state of OCA’s fight be sure to check out this informative presentation.

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