How to Best Support OCA

How to Best Support OCA

Youtube – How to Best Support OCA

Autism is the fastest growing developmental disorder and costs a family $60,000 a year on average.

OCA – an organization based out of Central Florida – is a non-profit whose efforts focus on benefiting the lives of those affected by autism. KHJ media sat down with the executive director, Silvia Haas, and in asking how exactly we can best support OCA she had a simple answer.

The main problem OCA faces is a lack of hands on deck. Finding willing and capable volunteers has been a problem Sylvia has attempted to tackle for years now, however her efforts have fallen short. She shared with us that the best way to support this special company is by increasing the number of staff and volunteers.

In navigating OCA’s website homepage, one is able to register to become a volunteer as well as view what exactly is required in taking on such a crucial responsibility. OCA has done an amazing job in the short time they have existed, and your help will provide for expansion and further improvement of the lives of the autistic community of Central Florida.

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