Exploring through Bahamian Sand

I dare you to do something different and explore what the world has to offer. Have you ever pondered what it would be like to investigate an island and take in its way of life? I have. I had the opportunity to visit the Bahamas as a present for my birthday and I adored each snapshot of it. The magnificence of this island will have you needing to escape for an experience. The sand is delicate and the sun sparkles so splendidly, and the ocean of the sea is so blue you could see the impression of your face. The temperature is constantly simply ideal for a cool peaceful escape. The Bahamas is all consuming, instant adoration. When you go to this island it resembles a precious stone. The vibrant colors speak for itself. The Bahamas is not a place you go one time; it is certainly a place you go thousands times. As my mind wonders being there more than one time.

Have you ever been to The Bahamas? Permit me to take you on my experience. The magnificence of this island will have you winded. Past the delightful scene the palm trees sitting right over the shoreline side, takes you away like a rich spa, yet better. The beautiful palm trees are green like emeralds. On the off chance that you get to the shoreline sufficiently early, you could be separated from everyone else. Can you imagine yourself settled as the wind blows and whispers satisfaction? As you watch the water wave, the sun is catching everything in sight. The sun is sparkling splendidly like a gleaming emblem in the sky. Gracious the aroma is similar to the salty blue sea as I breathe permitting me to live once more. The calm and quiet sea reminds me when I am in my mom’s arms.

“The calm and quiet sea reminds me when I am in my mom’s arms.”

The Bahamas is a place like no other. Imagine a place so loaded with life delightful brilliant individuals dressed like a rainbow. The general population was loaded with smiling faces and I can hear them chuckling from ear to ear.

clothes worn in the Bahamas

While strolling down the lanes I could hear the awesome music. The sounds of the drum beating like a pulse, the voice of the man who was singing his delicate excellent music and the man playing his guitar… I genuinely simply needed to explore more.

The music of the Bahamas is exceptional. I was overwhelmed and I could not wait to learn considerably more about the Bahamas. I began to look all starry eyed at. There are very diverse genres of music in the Bahamas. According to the article, Art Music by Caribbean Composers, “the main folk music traditions in the Bahamas can be categorized as either religious or secular.” I was surprised the music has  great deal of significance  than what others might believe. Bahamian people music shows components from African, European, and North American influence.

Music in the Bahamian culture is so captivating. The musicality of every beat is so supernatural you could feel everything running down your spine. As I was listening to the Bahamian music I really wanted to listen to the rhythm of every melody- some were moderate and quick. I cherished the of every Bahamian tune; it made you feel like home. The music touches your spirit and takes you to another happy place. The tune of every beat was snappy and inspiring I did not want to stop listening. I adored the element of every melody and how the velocity was so boisterous and extreme. You simply need to listen to Bahamian music forever. To listen to music is so touching once you locate the right melody. The temperament of every melody had its own particular feeling. The Bahamas is such a happy place. Some melodies are light and unadulterated, while that others are spotless and energetic.

Music is life in the Bahamian culture. When I find out about another culture I would prefer not to stop there. During my trip I wrote down notes and needed to investigate quite a lot more about this beauty, cherishing place. I now understand when individuals say there is no other place superior to the Bahamas.

The place where I sat to listen to music.

The colors that everyone is wearing can light up your mood. Walking down the street you see people dressed in their own unique style. The tour guide explained that here the Bahamas we like to have fun. There is no fun if the parade is not happening.

I couldn’t quit learning about the diverse parades in the Bahamas. The parade is exceptionally well known. Everybody comes from all over to celebrate with individuals everywhere throughout the nation and you get the chance to see what the way of life in the Bahamas is truly about. Individuals are spruced up and their appearances are painted. Each individual has their own story to tell. Each face is painted with blue, green and even sometimes yellow. Everyone dresses up in their own custom that brings out their inner beauty. The music is much more than the extraordinary; it makes you need to get up and move like nobody is watching. While investing my energy finding out about the parade I needed, to learn considerably more about the magnificence of it. In the article Dinnigan and Olearchik says “Every island has a plethora of events, but the year’s biggest event in the Bahamas is Junkanoo”. The Junkanoo in June Heritage Festival happens each Saturday that month from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Arawak Cay in Nassau/Paradise Island. The celebration highlights Bahamian music, in such a beautiful way. I did not want leave such an extraordinary place. I wanted to learn quite a lot more.

© Flickr – Errol Bodie; A parade In the Bahamas

“Being in the Bahamas gave me a new outlook on life.”

Being in the Bahamas gave me a new outlook on life. In life you can’t look at your own culture and expect to understand life. This world has so much to offer, it would be selfish jut to stick to learning your own culture. I am a church going person and my family is religions. I am of Haitian descent that church and religion is a powerful way of life. We have our own beliefs that God is the key to being successful in life.

I learned that the Bahamians people are religious as well. The Bahamas is largely Christian, with Baptists comprising about 35 percent of the population, Anglicans 15 percent, and about 24 percent belonging to other Protestants groups, such as Pentecostals (8 percent), the Church of God (5 percent), Seventh-Day Adventists (5 percent), Methodists (4 percent), Presbyterians, and the Salvation Army. About 14 percent of the population was Roman Catholic. to learn that the Bahamian culture exceptionally religious puts the end to all the gossip that the Bahamians are not. Although students may freely choose not to participate in religious instruction or observances outside of their own faith, the topic is included in mandatory standardized tests. this really hit home for me. Here in America they have taking God out of schools and it has hurt me. I am a believer and feel that it needs to be put back with every other religion. Why bash one faith and leave every other religion in school? I loved that the Bahamians put this on their own test.

I hope that you visit Bahamas because they joy you would have here will leave you breathless. My third day in the Bahamas I was walking in the middle of the road not paying attention and was awe at each site I was able to see. The jewelry stores were at each corner. There were people that were trying to sell almost everything to you such as watches, necklaces and clothes. Trying get a taxi was in impossible they were so expensive. I finally was able to get a taxi on my way to the beach and I told the driver you are driving on the wrong side of the road he said No man this is how we do it here in the Bahamas. I was speechless not knowing that people in the Bahamas drive on the left side of the road.

A car driving on the left side of the road

In the Bahamas people drive on the left side of the road. I thought they only did that in England so I thought. Little did I know Bahamas is no different than England.“About a 35% of the world population drives on the left, and the countries that do are mostly old British colonies” . That 35% is included with the Bahamas is why they drive on the left side of the road. The history behind this is, “The British established a crown colony on the islands” this how the Bahamas is a British colony and why they drive on the life side of the road.

I could not stop researching. I wanted to learn much more. Despite the fact that Bahamas such lovely place, much the same as each other place there are awful zones. The Bahamas has a scandalous history as an asylum for outside culprits. This culture has a ton of ups and down and still is advancing to wind up better. Bahamian law authorization authorizes keep up that since medication trafficking was acquainted by outsiders with the islands in the 1970s wrongdoing rates have risen significantly. Do not allow this to take away from going to the Bahamas, but to warn you and keep knowledgeably of a place you may have never visited. It is always good to research a place you  have never gone to. This world such a beautiful place not to explore its beauty.

I just couldn’t trust my eyes of what I could find in this lovely place. The fervor to learn such awesome culture is simply astonishing. You look upon this world and just dream what is out there, however not until you go and investigate what this world brings to the table that I realize it was truly amazing. You have one life to live so why not go and live it right. Voyaging now will be my new leisure activity and exploring this world. Finding out around a better place makes you think about the various spots are in this world. In the event that you have a place at the top of the priority list of going I challenge you to investigate it.

My detract from this entire experience is to pick up learning and acquire time of encountering a world brimming with marvels and wonderful individuals. Stop and think about the following spot you need to go to and see what happens.The world we live in has giving us so many opportunities to dream big. A person who travels has a gold mind, so why not snatch your suite case and investigate this lovely world?


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