I FOUND SOMETHING ON MYTHOLOGY! (And also a reason why there isn’t a lot out there on African American literature and Greco-Roman mythology).

In African American Literature and the Classicist Tradition: Black Women Writers from Wheatley to Morrison, Walters examines how female African American writers “appropriate Greco-Roman mythology”.  She dissects Classica Africana into three sections, the most prescient for our purposes being section three, which “concentrates on how African American authors have adapted myths”.  Walters here points to authors who have explored the connection between the classics and African American literature –N.B. Michele Ronnick, Christa Buschendorf, Shelley Haley, Jane Campbell, Elizabeth T. Hayes, Madonne Miner, Jacqueline de Weever, and Therese Steffen.  Walters points out, disappointingly, that there is a lack of scholarship on the connection between Greco-Roman myths and African American literature because “classicists do not give adequate attention to the classical revision of African Americans”.  This does not deter me from following this line of inquiry, as there are some works which focus on this subject which will guide my thought processes and research.  Walters book will be an excellent source in itself, and will provide many useful jumping off points.  Unfortunately, Olin does not have it, so I will be ILL’ing it to really engage with the text.