At the beginning, our group research was on multiple different topics. Now, since we are at the end of our research, it is obvious that our group has began to narrow our topics into three different sections. When searching for topics, we still refer to the Olins Library database and Google scholar. Now looking at our research page, it is evident that there are two main subjects for our research such as:    . Unfortunately, our group had a lot of trouble meeting with our science librarian Patti due to schedule conflicts. One member of the group was able to reach her via email, so Taylor and the librarian talked back an forth about furthering her research. The librarian still told us to narrow our topics and to use the same sources that are relevant to the natural sciences. As stated in our last process post, she told us to visit Academic Database Premier, Science Direct College edition, JSTOR, and web of science. We did take her advice and narrowed our topics. As well, we also typed in different key words to help find more research on our certain topics. One of the main things that we found in our group was the overall progression of science from the early twentieth century to present day. Scientists, physicians and researchers had very different opinions about race and biology in the twentieth century when compared to today. This will be a main point that we will discuss in our group class presentation Our group has done a great job collecting, analyzing, and interpreting all of the research. Fingers crossed for our presentations next week!