Our wide range of research was eventually narrowed to a few themes that we noticed as our research progressed which also lead us to focus on different areas in order to get a general picture of what we would like to share. The scientific discipline is very focused on proving theories with actual hard data through experiments and research. We have looked at how the scientific community has dealt with race from as early as the 19th century. The Eugenics Movement and its relation to the United States has been proven to be quite interesting. We have explored how the Nazi government was influenced by the Eugenics Movement in the United  States, to promote its racial hygiene movement. The Nazi government promoted the thought that the whole was more important than the parts. Therefore, it was important for them to preserve the nation by getting rid of those that were unfit. This resulted in the mass genocide of Jews and other minorities. As we’ve noted, race played an integral part in the atrocities that happened in the past.

As the years progressed, the violations committed by the scientific community due to racism have not been overt, however, the effects are often just the same. The methodology of the scientific discipline demands an objective view of the hard data collected. While this methodology may often be violated because the persons carrying out the research are human after all; the same methodology can rectify the mistakes of others. This was observed in the critique of Samuel Morton’s cranial capacity research. Morton carried into his research, his own preconceptions  and tried to get the data to fit his preconceived notions, however, using the scientific method, Steven Gould could discover the faults present within the research.

When used correctly, the scientific method has proven and disproved many hypotheses, such as in The Human Genome Project. In our previous reflection we talked about how  scientists sought to prove that there are genetic differences between the various races but the opposite was actually found. Once this discovery was made, it disrupted many long held beliefs which resulted in many scientists trying to find a way to incorporate race into science and medicine. One such way found was personalized medicine. Pharmaceutical companies and other corporations seem to seek profit from targeting a specific subgroup by claiming that certain groups are more susceptible to certain diseases.

We have also linked the theme Implicit Bias with race within the medical field. Implicit bias is the unconscious associations we make about different racial groups. All humans are susceptible to this even doctors; they are humans after all.  However, while the scientific community has acknowledged that there seems to be a racial disparity in the health care community, no one wished to claim individual responsibility. Instead, the narrative is framed in such a way as to say the disparity is an overall activity and refraining from calling out specific physicians or even hospitals for their prejudice. Even when potential healthcare physicians perform questionable acts, there is no debate about whether or not these persons are suitable to be treating minorities in the future. So, the physicians carry their prejudice with them without having been questioned or doubted for it which then results in minorities suffering on a large scale and no takes responsibility.