Racial Capitalism is the concept of deriving social or economic value from the racial identity of another person. This is an extremely negative problem when it comes to race because it relies on reinforcing stereotypes and broadcasting these stereotypes to the majority of the population and is detrimental to both individuals and societies as a whole. Racial capitalism can then cause a lot of resentment from non-white people towards white people for exploiting these stereotypes. With all the issues with race in this country racial capitalism causes a lot of problems and really makes it more difficult for race relations to improve. This article then proves how how society sees whiteness. For example, back in history people would describe white people as acting “black” when they did something bad or to be derogatory. The article then discusses how “whiteness” is the key to everything good while “non-whiteness” is used as the justification for many issues one of the oldest being slavery. Recently however, “non-whiteness” has reversed and has been a source of value and now racial capitalism has occurred because of people wanting to exploit this new perceived value.


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