After finding my most recent resources I think I can confidently come to a topic and main idea. The research focuses on how students learn to be raced individuals in the elementary classroom. I can incorporate looking at race in the home on how parents foster children’s perceptions of race and the effects of parents teaching children about race and not teaching their children about race. It can bring to light the importance of not treating race as a forbidden topic because doing so leaves children confused and uninformed.  Next I can incorporate how race is perpetuated within the classroom and the effects teachers have on students through teacher implicit biases. Sharing the bias that teachers bring into the classroom further perpetuates the notion that race is experienced in the classroom. Additionally, I can incorporate the students perspectives on how they view and experience race. Proof of students seeking interracial friendships at a young age but then lessening in optimism as they grow older can further the discussion of how the elementary classroom impacts race. Throughout the different view points I can also share my own personal experiences and perspectives as both a child at home, a teacher in the classroom and a student in the school system. Ultimately I want to argue the importance of facilitating discussions about race within both the home and the classroom. Through the awareness and inclusion of diversity, students can become well informed and educated on the topic of race and create their own opinions instead of blindly falling into notions of discrimination just because of being fearful of the unknown otherness of other races.