A new report from the Yale Child Study Center has found evidence of implicit racial bias among preschool teachers. Approximately 135 preschool teachers watched footage of 4 students (one black and one white boy, and one black and one white girl). Using eye tracing technology research showed that a majority of the teachers spent their time watching the black boy, almost expecting bad behavior. The problem with this is that if you are only looking in one place for bad behavior, that is the only place you will find it. An additional study was done where teachers were given various examples of students and their at home situations to measure teacher’s sympathy towards students. The results showed that when teachers are of the same race from the student they were more empathetic, however when the teacher is of a different race from the student they became less empathetic. According to the researcher “Implicit biases are a natural process by which we take information, and we judge people on the biases of generalizations regarding that information. We all do it.” If we are going to face the challenges of implicit bias in schools, we have to talk about it.