This video is by a blind man, Tommy Edison and his views on racism. He explains his perceptions of people as he never thinks about color. Just like Martin Luther King Jr, he judges people based off the content of their character. He has noticed that he can’t tell race based off of what someone says or does, however there are some physical differences, for example black people’s skin is softer and more moisturized; skins/hairs are different textures (soft vs coarse). Continually, he mentions that he has always wanted to have a party with the lights off, where no one could see each other but just talk to each other, so that people cannot have the opportunity to judge based off of the color of skin. According to Edison, “Inside we are all the same color…If we all got rid of the skin, we’d all look the same…Being blind has nothing to do with character, just as the color of skin has nothing to do with character. It’s all about what’s in the heart and what’s in the head.”

I think this video does a fantastic job of explaining how racism cannot be viewed by someone who can’t see color. So my question is If we were all the same color, or if color was not a factor, could racism exist?