Race drives many social and political outcomes. Definitions of race in America adjust just as political priorities change. For example, in 1929 Mexicans were considered White, but in the 1930 census they were no longer considered White, this was done in order to limit immigration. However, Mexicans were once again deemed White in 1942 when the US wanted to increase labor force in World War II. Another example mentioned was the “One drop of African ancestry” rule which left people able to change their race just by crossing state lines. For some, racial identity is very clear and straight forward, however for others racial identity isn’t so clear and can very easily be changed. “Understanding that racial categories are made up, can give us an important perspective on where racism can from in the first place.”

This video does a great job in explaining the difficulty in defining different races. My question is If racial categories can be so easily changed, is there such thing as a true, clear cut and unchangeable definition of race?