This article is a story published in the New York Times. The writer, Nicholas Kristof, tells about his findings upon having his DNA examined. To much surprise he has been found to be African American. He then goes on to quote various scientists and geneticists, questioning whether or not race is real. He brings about several points including “race is biologically meaningless.” He compares Caucasians, Indians, Pakistanis, African-Americans, Jews, and Japanese, eventually making the claim that we are all bound to be somewhat related through genetics. “Genetics increasingly shows that racial and ethnic distinctions are real – but often fuzzy and greatly exaggerated. Genetics will increasingly show that most humans are mongrels, and it will make a mockery of racism.”

If we share the same genetics, does that make us the same race? Can race be solely defined by genetics? or Is race comprised by more than DNA, i.e. social and cultural differences?