Setup VoiceThread Mobile App

  1. Navigate to the app store on your mobile device or tablet and search for VoiceThread. Download the free app onto your device. VoiceThread Mobile
  2. Open the app and click Sign in on the app’s homepage.VoiceThread Mobile 2
  3. Type your Rollins email address into the username box. After you type this in, a message will appear at the bottom of the page asking you if you would like to sign in with Rollins. Click the box below that says Rollins College – Crummer Graduate School of Business.VoiceThread Mobile 3
  4. You will be redirected to another sign in page that will ask you for your Rollins email and password. Once you sign in you will have full access to all of your VoiceThread materials in the mobile app. For more information and FAQs regarding use of the mobile app, Click here.VoiceThread Mobile 4