FITI Grants

The Faculty Instructional Technology Integration (FITI) is offered to full-time faculty each spring. This grant aims to accomplish three main goals:

  • Encourage the pedagogically sound use of technology in student learning.
  • Encourage faculty to utilize a collaborative group of technologists, librarians and the CAJ institute as a development team.
  • Increase technological literacy of the faculty with regard to teaching and learning.

Faculty who are awarded a grant are assigned a team consisting of an instructional technologist, librarian, and the Director of the CAJ Institute to accomplish the goals of the grant. Following the implementation of the grant, faculty will share their experiences, lessons learned, and results at a Professor to Professor lunch.

2018 Grant Recipients:

  • Hesham Mesbah – Real-time Intercultural Communication
  • Robert Vander Poppen – Optimizing 3-D Walkthroughs for Student Learning
  • Greg Turkanik – Developing Project Management and Team Collaboration Skills with Technology

2017 Grant Recipients:

  • Alice Davidson – Teaching Qualitative Data Analysis with NVivo
  • Todd French – Capturing Narratives, Communicating Worlds (360 Video)
  • Stephanie Kincaid – Increasing Active Learning

2016 Grant Recipients:

  • Josh Almond and Robert Vander Poppen –The Multidisciplinary Applications of Digital Design, Print, and Fabrication with FormZ
  • Dana Hargrove – Developing Blended Learning Strategies
  • David Painter – Using WordPress to Teach 21st Century Skills

2015 Grant Recipients:

  • Sharon Carnahan – Training, Tech, and the Child Development Center (CDC)
  • Zhaochang Peng – Digitizing China’s Development
  • Andrew Luchner – Feedback through Technology
  • Todd French – Virtual Food and Religion

2014 Grant Recipients:

  • Paul Harris- Applied Social Psychology
  • Todd French- Interactive Wiki Mapping
  • Anne Stone- Creating a Blended Course in Communication Studies
  • Ted Gournelos – Blended Learning with Interactive Video
  • Lisa Tillman – Motion Graphics Training & Pedagogy
  • Patrick Fleming –  Improving Student Writing through Wikipedia

2013 Grant Recipients:

  • Daniel Chong – Statecraft Simulation
  • Eric Zivot – Asynchronous Voice and Speech 3: Dialects Course
  • Nancy Decker – ARIS Mobile Learning Experience in Modern Language Classroom & Beyond
  • Gabriel Barreneche – Creating Digital Portfolios for Spanish Majors
  • Jana Matthews – Mapping the Past and Present
  • Lei Wei – iPad-Assisted Chinese Characters Training
  • Jonathan Miller – Flipping my RCC
  • Emily Russell – Developing an Online Collaborative Textbook

2011-2012 Grant Recipients:

  • Julian Chambliss – Mobile Applications for Humanities Research (MAFHR)
  • Sue Easton – Digital Media and Assessment in Public Speaking
  • Ted Gournelous – Video Production: An Integrative Approach
  • Lisa Tillman – Enhancing Student Learning through Digital Media Production
  • Keith Whittingham – Video-Storytelling in Global Sustainability Course

2009-2010 Grant Recipients:

  • Joshua Almond – 3D Digital Printing
  • Hoyt Edge – Incorporating Videos into the Classroom
  • Dana Hargrove – Learning website design
  • Paul Harris – Online Tutorial for Using CIE Results
  • Harry Kypraios – Multimedia Wiki
  • Kenneth Pestka – Stellar Evolution and Cosmology
  • Dawn Roe – Learning Digital Media and Video Editing
  • Rachel Simmons – Course Development in Digital Media