Share Your VoiceThread

  1. Navigate to the media that you would like to share and click the Share VoiceThread icon.  All of your VoiceThread media is located on your homepage after logging in. Share VoiceThread2. A window will appear giving you options to share your VoiceThread. The two main options are either Basic or Secure. The basic option allows you to create a generic link, an embed code, or a post on social media.Share VoiceThread3.  The secure option allows you to send a private link to certain individuals or groups by email. If you do not already have these contacts or groups saved in your VoiceThread account, Click the Share VoiceThread icon to add them. Once you have added the contacts and groups you would like to share your VoiceThread with, click on each name/group and select ShareShare VoiceThread4. Find more information and tutorials on sharing your VoiceThread here.