Comment on a VoiceThread

  1. Navigate to the media that you would like to comment on and click the Play icon.  All of your VoiceThread media is located on your homepage after logging in. This media can be a selection that you personally created or that was shared with you.Comment VoiceThread
  2. Once you have opened the media, click on Comment at the bottom of the window. You will then see options to comment in various ways including typing in text, recording audio, and submitting a video response. Choose the option that you would like to use. Screenshot of comment thought bubble.
    Commeting options screenshot.
  3.  Once you select the commenting method you would like to use, you can then record/insert your comments. The image below shows a demonstration of the text commenting feature. After you are finished inputting your comments, click Save.
    Comment VoiceThread
    4. All comments on the media will be visible on the left-hand pane while you have the media opened. You can click on individual comments to view them.Comment VoiceThread5. To find more information visit these tutorials on commenting on VoiceThreads (Accessing this link will open Voicethread’s website in a new tab; you will be leaving the Rollins site).