Submit Documents to rFLA Portfolio (CE Courses)

Step 1: Remove Name(s) from Document

  1. Remove all instances of your name from the document. This includes removing your name from the beginning of the document, the header and footer, and the name of the file itself.

Step 2: Convert File to PDF

  1. Before you submit any files to Foliotek, make sure that they have been converted to PDF. Please view the links below for specific instructions on converting files to PDF format.

Step 3: Submit your File

  1. If you are using Safari as your browser, please follow these directions to change a browser setting before completing the steps below or you will not be able to access Foliotek.
  2. Login to
  3. On the right, under My Courses, click on the Foliotek ePortfolio course in which you are enrolled (View Access Foliotek for more information).
  4. Make sure that you are currently accessing the rFLA Portfolio.

    1. If you are not, hover over Change/Add Portfolio on the left panel (right under the Rollins logo).
      Change/Add portfolio in Foliotek.
    2. Select rFLA Portfolio.
      Foliotek - select rFLA portfolio
  5. On the left-hand side under rFLA Portfolio, select CE Courses.
    Foliotek - CE Courses
  6. Select the outcome (Civic Engagement) that you want to submit artifacts to.
    Foliotek - Civic Engagement objective
  7. You will be redirected to the Section page. This is not the correct upload page. On the left-hand menu, select the course that you are submitting to.
    Foliotek - CE Section
  8. Select Civic Engagement
    Foliotek - CE Element List
  9. You are now under the artifact upload page for objective Civic Engagement. Click Add File.
    Foliotek - CE Add File
  10. Select Upload new file and click Next.
    Foliotek - Upload new file
  11. Click Add Fileand select the artifact that you want to upload from your local drive. Then, click OK.
    Foliotek - Add Files and OK
  12. Once the success bar reaches 100%, click OK.
    Foliotek - Upload success bar