Submit Documents for Health and Wellness Evaluation

  1. Log in to Blackboard.
  2. Under My Courses, click on Student: Foliotek ePortfolio.
    Select Student: Foliotek ePortfolio
  3. If you are not on the Health and Wellness Portfolio, hover your mouse over Change/Add Portfolio and select Health and Wellness.

    1. If Health and Wellness is not listed, then click Add Portfolio and enter the code: HEALT-HEALT-87924
  4. Under the subject on the left-hand sidebar, click on Critical Thinking Exercise.
  5. Click on Written Assignment.
  6. Click the add file (or the Add a File) button.
  7. Select Upload new file and click next.
  8. Click Add Files and select the document you intend to submit. Once the bar is green and states ”SUCCESSFUL’, click ok.
  9. You will be redirected back to the Written Assignent page. Click on Submit this element for evaluation.
  10. Select your Health and Wellness professor.
  11. Double-check that you’ve selected the right professor. Once done, click on Confirm Submit.
  12. Click Continue. Your document has been submitted to your professor if a blue box appears on your Written Assignment page.