Share your Presentation Portfolio

  1. Log in to Blackboard, then access Foliotek.
  2. Click Presentation at the top-right corner.
    Gray Presentation button at the top-right hand of the window.
  3. Click ePortfolio.
    Large buttons!
  4. To the right of the portfolio there will be a sub-menu with four options for sharing. Click whichever option you’d like to set up sharing for.
    Foliotek - Portfolio Homepage Entry

    1. Share Privately
    2. Share in a Community
    3. Share Publicly
    4. Collaborate

Share Privately

  1. Fill in the relevant information for each information field, including the person, e-mail address, share dates, and a message to send.
    Foliotek - Portfolio Share Privately
  2. Click the check mark button at the bottom right to send.
    Foliotek - Checkmark Button Circle

Share in Community


  1. If you have an Invite Code, enter it in and click Join.
    Foliotek Share Community - Invite Code
  2. Click the relevant community under Select Community.
    Foliotek Share Community - Select
  3. Click Done.
    Foliotek Share Community - Done

Share Publicly

  1. Type in a name for your URL. Click validate to the right of the prompt to see if the name is available.
    Foliotek - Share Public URL Entry from main
  2. Click the Share ePortfolio button below.
    Foliotek - Share Portfolio Confirm
  3. You will receive a confirmation message with the public URL to your portfolio. Copy and paste the URL (without the “.” at the end), store it in a text file and/or e-mail it as needed.
    Foliotek - Share Public URL Link



  1. Fill in the relevant information, including the full name of the contributor, the contributor’s e-mail, and a message to send.
    Foliotek - Portfolio Collaborate
  2. Click the check mark button at the bottom left corner.
    Foliotek - Checkmark Button CircleNote: Collaborators should not edit the portfolio at the same time; Foliotek does not support simultaneous editing and changes may be lost.