RCC Create Project

Navigate to the Projects Home Page

  1. Log in to Blackboard, then access Foliotek (You may have to agree to usage licenses if this is your first time accessing Foliotek.)
  2. At the Foliotek home page, click Presentation at the top right corner.
    Gray Presentation button at the top-right hand of the window.
  3. Click Projects. This will take you to the Projects Home Page, where you will be able to Create and Share projects.
    Foliotek Presentation - Projects

Create a Project

  1. Click Create Project.
    Foliotek Projects - Create Project
  2. Click Project Title and type a name for your project.
    Foliotek Projects - Enter Title
  3. Click Begin Project under the project title.
    Foliotek Projects - Begin Project
  4. Click + Add at the bottom of the page.
    Foliotek Projects - Add Page
  5. Click the File button at the center.
    Foliotek Projects Add Page - File
    Alternatively, you may provide links to files already uploaded, embed media, or enter text to provide a brief summary of your project. Think briefly on which option would be best for your project!
  6. A toolbar will open to the left. Click Upload Files and select the file to upload.
    Foliotek Add File - Upload
  7. A preview of the file will appear in the center. Ensure this is the correct file and click the check mark at the top right corner of the screen.
    Foliotek Checkmark
  8. You will be redirected to the Projects home page and you should see your project newly created.

Share a Project with a Community

  1. Navigate to the Projects home page.
  2. Underneath the relevant project, click the Options Button (the button depicting bullet points and lines).
    Foliotek Projects - Options Button
  3. Click the Share with a Community button (the button depicting a group).
    Foliotek Project Options - Share Community
  4. If you have an Invite Code, enter it in and click Join.
    Foliotek Share Community - Invite Code
  5. Click the relevant community under Select Community.
    Foliotek Share Community - Select
  6. Click Done.
    Foliotek Share Community - Done