Google Drive in Foliotek

  1. Log in to Foliotek and navigate to your E-Portfolio.
  2. Click Gizmos.
    Foliotek - Gizmos Button
  3. Click Google Drive.
    Foliotek Gizmos - Google Drive
  4. A Google Drive Gizmo will follow your mouse cursor. Click anywhere in your content area to add the file.
  5. Click Access Google Drive and sign into your Google account.
    Foliotek Google Drive - Access
  6. Google will notify you that Foliotek is requesting access to your Google Drive. Click Allow to continue.
    Foliotek Google Access - Allow
  7. Select the relevant file.
  8. For some files (images, text files, etc.), you can choose whether or not you want to display only a link to the file, or the file in its entirety. Click either Link or Inline.
    Foliotek Insert File - Link vs Inline
  9. Click the check mark.
    Foliotek - Checkmark Button Circle