ENG 140 Portfolio Submission Instructions

  1. Log in to blackboard.rollins.edu.
  2. Click Foliotek ePortfolio in the Tools box on the left.
    "Foliiotek ePortfolio" link from Blackboard's tools menu.
  3. Hover your mouse over Change/Add Portfolio located in the top left of the screen.
    Change/Add portfolio in Foliotek.
  4. Click on English Portfolio (If you don’t see English Portfolio in the drop down menu, you will need to add it using the provided code).click portfolio
  5. On the left menu, select the appropriate Writing Artifact.writing artifact_foliotek
  6. Click on Argument Paper.written communication
  7. Click “+ Add File.”
    Foliotek Add File Button
  8. Select the File Type would like to upload and click Next button..
    Different file types.
  9. Click “+ Add Files” or drag and drop files to upload.
    Add file button allows file uploads.
  10. Once your upload is complete, as indicated by the progress bar, click OK button.
    Progress bar indicates the completion of a file.