Biology Student Submission Process

  1. Click on the appropriate level in the left hand menu. Then click on the assignment (BIO 120 Lab Paper).
  2. Click Add file.Add File
  3. Chose file type and complete the uploading process of the file.Upload
  4. Click ‘Add Files’ choose the file and click ‘Open.’ Once your file(s) have been uploaded, you will see a green progress bar with the word ‘SUCCESSFUL’ displayed on it. Click ‘ok.’ The uploading process is thus concluded.
  5. For students to let their current instructors know that they have submitted their papers, click ‘Request Review.  request review
  6. Choose the faculty member currently teaching the course. You may also add a message to your faculty member, and then click ‘OK’.
  7. You know that the request for review has been successful if you see the following: