Embed Videos from MediaSpace

  1. Go to Rollins MediaSpace.
  2. On the top right-hand corner, click Guest and select Login.
    Guest Button
  3. Sign in with your BlackBoard/FoxLink credentials.
    MediaSpace Sign In

    1. IMPORTANT: Using your email (@rollins.edu) will not work. Only input your user ID.
  4. Click My Channels.
    My Channels
  5. If no channels show up, click on View Channels I Manage.
    View Channels I Manage
  6. Select Channels I am a member of.
    Channels Member
  7. Click on Rough Cut Videos at the CDC.
    Rough Cut CDC
  8. Click on the video you want embedded.
    CDC Video Selection
  9. Under the title of the video, click Share.
    MediaSpace Share
  10. Click Embed. (Note: Ignore oEmbed.)
  11. Copy the entire link.
    Copy Embed Link
  12. Login to WordPress and add a new page.
    WP Sidebar Pages - Add New
  13. Click Text on the top right-hand corner of the text box.
    Text mode WordPress
  14. Paste the link you copied in step 11 into the box.
    Pasted Link

    1. If you switch back to Visual mode, the following media box will show up:
      Media Box
    2. Click the Preview button to ensure that the video loads.
      14bVideo Embedded Page Preview
  15. Click Publish.
    Publish Button