Submit a Turnitin Assignment

  1. Log into Blackboard.
  2. Go to your course.
    BBMain Courses Example
  3. Navigate to your assignment. Generally they will be under Course Documents, but your professor may have them elsewhere. Ask your professor if you cannot find your assignment.
    Course Menu - Course Documents
  4. Click on View/Complete to open the assignment.
    TurnItIn Assignment
  5. You may see a Turnitin User Agreement after opening the assignment. Read the agreement and select I Agree–Continue if you agree and wish to proceed.TurnItIn Submission Instructions 1
  6. Hover your mouse over the information symbol for additional details like the number of submissions allowed.
  7. If there is a stacked blocks icon, you can click on this to see the rubric if one is included.
  8. On the assignment page, click Submit at the right-hand side to submit the paper.
    TurnItIn SubmitViewDownload
  9. Enter the Submission Title in the text box.
  10. Select one of the “choose” buttons to locate the file you would like to upload.
    TurnItIn SubmissionChoose
  11. Click Upload at the bottom.
    TurnItIn Upload
  12. Verify your information and click Confirm at the bottom of the screen.
    TurnItIn SubmissionVerifyArrow
  13. After you submit the assignment you will receive a confirmation message that the submission has gone through.