Reviewing Turnitin Feedback

  1. Log in to Blackboard
  2. In the relevant course, click My Grades on the left menu.
    Bb Course Content - My Grades
  3. Click the TurnItIn assignment.
    Bb My Grades - TurnItInAssignment
  4. Under Assignment Materials click the page icon next to My Paper.
    Bb TurnItIn - View Paper
  5. The instructor may provide comments on the main document. To view each individual comment, click on the speech bubble. 

    • Instructors may also provide other forms of feedback (highlighted to specify which areas require revision) on your document.
  6. Instructors may also provide overall feedback in addition to the corrections made on your document. Click on the Speech Bubble in the side bar on top right side of the screen.
  7. Comments may also appear on a right-hand panel. Depending on the instructor, feedback can come in two ways: (a) Voice Comment and/or (b) Text Comment
    • If the instructor provided audio feedback, click the play button to listen.