Reviewing Turnitin Feedback

  1. Log in to Blackboard.
  2. Navigate to the same place where you submitted the assignment. 
  3. Click View/Complete.
    Screenshot with arrow pointing to View/Complete
  4. Click View.
    Screenshot with arrow pointing to the View button
  5. Use the pane on the right to display the desired content. If you do not see all these icons, your instructor may have disabled those features.
    1. The speech bubble icon will open the Feedback panel
    2. The number icon will open the Match Overview panel
    3. The bar graph icon will open the All Sources panel
    4. The funnel icon will open the Filters and Settings panel
    5. The down arrow icon will display the Download Options
    6. The i icon will display the Submission Details
  6. See Turnitin’s User Guide for more information about each panel.