Submit a Video as an Assignment or Discussion Post


  1. To begin the process of submitting your video, navigate to the assignment or discussion forum where you wish to embed your video.
  2. Click the Write Submission button for an assignment OR create your discussion post, thread, or reply.
  3. Click Mashups.
    Bb Content Editor Mashups

    1. If you do not see the Mashups button, click the Expand button at the top-right of the text editor.
      Bb Content Editor Expand
  4. Click Kaltura Media.
    Bb Content Editor Mashups Kaltura Video
  5. A pop-up will open. Navigate to your desired video and click Select to the right of the preview thumbnail. 
    Blackboard - Select Media Single 2016

    1. If you do not have the option to select a video, you need to upload it onto Kaltura. Click on Add New on the top right-hand corner and then Media Upload.
    2.  Select Choose a file to upload and select the appropriate file from your computer.SubmitVideoasAssignment
    3. You will be asked for details on the video including the title you wish to give it, a description, and whether you would like the video to be public or private. Fill out this information as it applies to the video. When finished, click Save and then click Back to Browse and Embed. click on save and then browse and embed
  6. When you have finished typing any text for your assignment or discussion post, click Submit.