Embed a Youtube Video

You have the option of embedding a Youtube video in a variety of contexts, including in assignments and discussion boards. In general, anywhere there is a text editor box, you can include a Youtube video.

  1. Navigate to the place you want to embed a video.
  2. If you have not done so already, click the Expand button at the top-right of the content editor.
    Bb Content Editor Expand
  3. Click Mashups.
    Bb Content Editor Mashups
  4. Click Youtube Video.
    Bb Mashups - Youtube Video
  5. Type in the Search Criteria and click Go to find a video. If you know the exact title of the video, type it into the search bar.
    Bb Youtube Embed - Search
  6. Find the desired video and click Select under its preview.
    Bb Youtube Embed - Select
  7. If you want, change the displayed Name and any preferences. Click Submit.
    Bb Submit

    • The video will appear in the text box where you were typing before.
      Bb Youtube Embed - Result