Change Notification Settings

  1. Log in to Blackboard.
  2. Click on your name in the top right to bring down a menu.
    Bb Student Name
  3. At the bottom of the menu click Settings.
    Bb Student Menu - Tools and Settings

    • Note: If you have already set up your mobile phone number or do not wish to receive mobile phone notifications, skip directly to Step 8.
  4. Click Personal Information.
    Bb Student Menu Settings - PI
  5. Click Edit Personal Information.
    Bb Edit PI
  6. Scroll down to Mobile Phone and enter your phone number without the dashes.
    Bb Edit PI - Mobile Phone
  7. Click Submit at the bottom right.
    Bb Submit
  8. Click Edit Notification Settings.
    Bb Bulk Edit Notification Settings v2
  9. Under Bulk Edit Notification Settings click Courses I am taking.
    Bb Bulk Edit Notification Settings
  10. Choose whether or not to apply settings to all courses or just selected courses.
    Bb Bulk Edit NS - Select Course

    1. If you choose to apply settings to just selected courses, click each course in the left list, then click the right arrow button in the middle.
      Bb Bulk Edit NS - Select Some Courses
  11. For each notification type you can customize which method of notification (if any) you’d like. Click the check box(es) that are to the left/right of each type, or click the top-most check box(es) at the top to apply those settings to every notification type.
    Bb Bulk Edit NS - Types

    • On/Off: Toggles any notification for this type.
    • A dashboard notification. These notifications appear on the page where you first log in to Blackboard.
    • An email notification. These will be sent to your saved e-mail address.
    • A mobile notification. You will receive a text on your saved mobile phone number.
  12. Click Submit at the bottom right when you are satisfied with your settings.
    Bb Submit
  13. Click OK when prompted to overwrite your previous settings.