Schedule a WebEx Training

  1. Log in to the WebEx site at
  2. Click on the Training Center tab.
    WebEx Tabs - Training Center
  3. Under Host a Session, click Schedule Training.
    WebEx Host a Session - Schedule
  4. Complete the Session and Access Information.
    WebEx Schedule Training - Session and Access Information
  5. Select the Audio Conference Settings.
    WebEx Schedule Training - Audio Conference Settings
  6. Specify the Date, Time and Duration. Duration is for planning purposes only, and the meeting will continue until you end it.
    WebEx Schedule Training - Date and Time
  7. Check the boxes if you will require registration and if you want them approved automatically.
    WebEx Schedule Training - Registration
  8. Create invitation lists for Attendees and for Presenters. You can enter information for each one, or use existing contacts.
    WebEx Schedule Training - Attendees and Presenters
  9. Click Add Course Material if you want to make materials available for download before the session.
    WebEx Schedule Training - Course Material
  10. Click Start Session to begin the session now or click Schedule to schedule the session and send invitations.
    WebEx Button - Schedule Start Cancel
  11. To start a session you scheduled:
    1. Click Live Sessions in the left menu under Attend a Session.
      WebEx Attend a Session - Live Session
    2. Locate the session under the Scheduled category and click Start.
      WebEx Live Sessions - Start Scheduled Session

Schedule Training Session


Start a Training Session