Schedule a WebEx Event

  1. Log in to the WebEx site at
  2. Click on the Event Center tab.
    WebEx Tabs - Event Center
  3. Under Host an Event, click Schedule an Event.
    Webex Host an Event - Schedule an Event
  4. Complete the Basic Information section.
    WebEx Schedule Event - Basic Information
  5. Enter a Date & Time, including any different time zones.
    WebEx Schedule Event - Date and Time
  6. Use the Event Description & Options to customize the event. For example, you can enter a short description or upload event material.
    WebEx Schedule Event - Description and OptionsWebEx Schedule Event - Description and Options pt2
  7. Create invitation lists for Attendees and for Presenters & Panelists. Enter new information for each person, or use existing contacts.
    WebEx Schedule Event - Attendees and RegistrationWebEx Schedule Event - Presenters and Panelists
  8. Choose which emails you want to send, and when to send them. For example, you can send registration e-mails, reminder e-mails leading up to the event, and follow-up e-mails for attendees and absentees.
    WebEx Schedule Event - E-Mails
  9. Click Schedule This Event at the bottom-right corner.
    WebEx Button - Schedule This Event
  10. You may choose to send invitation e-mails and to whom you send them now or later.
    WebEx Schedule Event - Send Event E-Mails
  11. When it’s time to start the event:
    1. Click Site Events at the left menu under Host an Event.
      Webex Host an Event - Site Event
    2. Locate your event and click Start.
      WebEx Site Events - Start Event

Schedule Event


Start Event