Add Media to a Channel (MediaSpace)

There are two main options for adding media to your MediaSpace: You may simply upload media to your My Media or you may specify a specific channel in MediaSpace to upload to.

  • Kaltura My Media is a general repository for your uploaded media. My Media can be accessed in MediaSpace or on your Blackboard “Rollins” homepage (see separate link for instructions regarding uploading to My Media).
  • Channels may be used to organize videos in MediaSpace, and channels may have several “members” who may publish videos.

Add Media to a Channel (MediaSpace)

  1. Login to MediaSpace.
  2. At the top toolbar, click My Channels.
    MS Toolbar - My Channels
  3. Click the channel you’d like to upload to.
    MS Channels - Test Channel
  4. Click the blue Add to Channel button.
    Add to Channel button
  5. Click Add New near the middle of the screen (not the one the top-right!)
    MS - Add New (white)
  6. Click Media Upload.
    MS - Add New Media
  7. Click Choose a file to upload and choose the media file you wish to upload.
    MS Add Media - Choose File
  8. Fill out the NameDescription, and Search Tags for the media.
    MS Add Media - NameDescTags
  9. Choose a Privacy Setting.
    MS Add Media - Privacy

    1. Private: Ensures that the video will only be visible to you.
    2. Unlisted: The video will not be searchable, but others may view the content if you provide them with a link.
    3. Published: The video will be visible and searchable to other users.
  10. Click Save at the bottom to finalize these settings.
    MS - Save


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