Share a Video

  1. Navigate to the video you wish to share.
  2. Scroll down below the video player and click Share.
    MS - Share
  3. Currently there are two options for sharing content.
    1. Link to Media Page: Provides a clickable link to the video. The video will only be visible to those who have permissions; it will not be public unless the channel/video settings are set to public.
      1. Click Link to Media Page.
      2. Click the link in the textbox.
      3. Copy the link (Ctrl+C on PC, Cmd+C on Mac).
      4. Paste the link wherever you’d like to share it (Ctrl+V on PC, Cmd+V on Mac).
        MS - Share Link
    2. Embed: Provides an “embed code” you can copy+paste into an HTML page, including a WordPress post or Blackboard content, to allow users to play the video directly in that webpage. The video will be publicly visible by anyone who can access the webpage you copy to. Unless you are comfortable with editing a page in HTML, you’re better off using Link to Media Page above.
      1. Click Embed.
      2. (Optional): Change the settings under the embed code for the Player Skin and Size.
      3. Click the big chunk of text in the textbox.
      4. Copy the code (Ctrl+C on PC, Cmd+C on Mac).
      5. Paste the code into the HTML area of your choice (Ctrl+V on PC, Cmd+V on Mac).
        This code is for HTML use only.
        MS - Share Embed