Add Media to My Media or MediaSpace

There are two main options for adding media to your MediaSpace: You may simply upload media to your My Media or you may specify a specific channel in MediaSpace to upload to.

  • Kaltura My Media is a general repository for your uploaded media. My Media can be accessed in Mediaspace or on your Blackboard “Rollins” homepage.
  • Channels may be used to organize videos in MediaSpace, and channels may have several “members” who may publish videos (see separate link for uploading media to channels).

Upload Media to My Media

  1. Login to Blackboard or MediaSpace.
  2. In Blackboard, click on My Media, then select Add New.
  3. In Mediaspace, at the top right next to your name, click Add New.
    MS - Add New (blue)
  4. Click Media Upload.
    MS - Add New Media
  5. Click Choose a file to upload and choose the media file you wish to upload.
    MS Add Media - Choose File
  6. Fill out the Name, Description, and Search Tags for the media.
    MS Add Media - NameDescTags
  7. Choose a Privacy Setting.
    MS Add Media - Privacy

    1. Private: Ensures that the video will only be visible to you.
    2. Unlisted: The video will not be searchable, but others may view the content if you provide them with a link.
    3. Published: The video will be visible and searchable to other users.
  8. Click Save at the bottom to finalize these settings.
    MS - Save