Clip a Video

By using the Clipping feature, you can create a separate entry for a section within a video. You can use this to divide videos into smaller parts, or to highlight a certain part of a video.

Note: If you are using Safari, you need to change your cookies settings in order for the tool to load properly. 

  • On the toolbar, click Safari > Preferences
  • Go to the Privacy tab
  • Under the Cookies and website data: setting, select Always allow

  1.  In the My Media area, click on the link for video you want to clip.
  2. Underneath the video player, click the Actions menu on the right.
    Mediaspace - Actions
  3. Click Create Clip.
    Mediaspace Actions - Create Clip
  4. Set the portion of the video you wish to clip. You have two options for doing this:
    1. Spool Through Video and Set Start/End Points:
      1. Underneath the video player, click and drag the upside-down triangle until you find the point in the video (shown in the video player above) where you want the clip to start.
        Mediaspace Clip - Timeline (beginning)
      2. Click Set Starting Point.
        Mediaspace - Set Starting Point
      3. Repeat Step i. to select where you want the clip to end.
        Mediaspace - Timeline (end)
      4. Click Set Ending Point.
        Mediaspace - Set Ending Point
    2. Enter Start/End Times:
      1. If you know the starting and ending time you can set these manually by typing them in to the box to the right of the video player.
        Mediaspace Clip - Timers
  5. Click Preview below the timeline to ensure you have the correct start and end points.
    Mediaspace Clip - Preview
  6. Type in a Name for the clip, and optionally a Description and Search Tags.
    MS Add Media - NameDescTags
  7. Choose whether or not you want the clip to be Private, Unlisted, or Published (only media with search tags may be published).
    MS Add Media - Privacy
  8. Click Create Clip
    Mediaspace - Create Clip