Adding a Chapter to Videos

  1. Go to Rollins MediaSpace or Blackboard. If you go through Blackboard, skip to Step 4.
  2. On the top right-hand corner, click Guest and select Login.
    MS - Login
  3. Sign in with your BlackBoard/FoxLink credentials.
    MediaSpace - Sign In

    1. NOTE: Using your email ( will not work. Only input your user ID.
  4. Click My Media (On Blackboard, My Media is located on the left-hand side of the Blackboard “Rollins” homepage).
    Ms - my Media

    1. If you do not have any videos and would like to upload a new file, click Add New on the top-right hand corner.
      MS - Add New (blue)
    2. Select Media Upload.
      MediaSpace - media upload
    3. Click Choose a file to upload and select your file.
      MS - Choose a file to upload
    4. Once upload is completed, click Go to My Media.
      MS - Go to My Media
  5. On the video you want to add chapters to, click Edit.
    MS - edit button
  6. Click Timeline.
    MS - Timeline
  7. Identify where the chapter will be inserted by clicking or dragging the red bar on the timeline. As reference, the video
    thumbnail will show you what is playing at that second.
    MS - Adding chapters onto timeline
  8. Once done, click the Create a new Chapter button on the left of the timeline.
    MS - create a new chapter

    1. A blue ribbon end should appear on top of the red bar.
      MS - blue ribbon
    2. To add another chapter, move the red bar to another place in the timeline and click Create a new Chapter.
  9. OPTIONAL: To change the thumbnail of the chapter, click Upload under Chapter Thumbnail. (This is the image cover of the chapter.)
    MS - chapter thumbnail
  10. Under Chapter Information, there are several options:
    MS - Chapter information

    1. Chapter title: This is the name of your chapter.
    2. Chapter descriptionA sort blurb on what the chapter will be about.
    3. Timestamp: For a more accurate pinpoint of when your chapter starts, use the arrows (up or down) to change it. Alternatively, you can also type it in.
    4. Tags: Add related tags to help searching for the chapter easier.
  11. Click Save when finished.
    MS - save video

    1. The Delete Chapter button will only be accessible after saving. This is because you can only delete a chapter once it has been created (i.e. saved).
      MS - Delete Chapter
  12. Click on View in Player.
    MS - View in Player
  13. Click on the Navigation (three horizontal lines) icon on the top right-hand corner of your video. (It will only appear when the video is not playing.)
    MS - Navigation icon
  14. The chapters you created will show up in the sidebar. You can select the chapter by clicking on the thumbnail, or search for the chapter (with tags) by using the search bar tool.
    MS - Search Chapters