Add Collaborators to a Video

You have the option to add co-editors and co-publishers to videos owned by you (by default, these are videos that you’ve uploaded). Co-editors have video editing powers, while co-publishers may publish the video in Blackboard.

  1. Navigate to your video in My Media (through either Blackboard or MediaSpace).
  2. To the right of the video, click Edit.
    Mediaspace Video - Edit
  3. Under the view preview, click Collaboration.
    MS - Edit - Collaboration
  4. Under Media Co-Editors and Co-Publishers, click + Add Collaborator.
    MS - Collaboration - Add Collaborators
  5. A pop-up window will open. Add the username in the field next to “Enter a Collaborator.”
    MS - Add Collaborator - Enter UsernameNote: Be sure to ask for the collaborator’s username, as guessing may lead to an incorrect username.
  6. Specify if the collaborator will be a co-editor, co-publisher, or both.
    MS - Add Collaborator - Editor vs Publisher

    • Co-Editors have editing rights and are able to trim, clip, add captions to, etc. videos.
    • Co-Publishers can embed the video in Blackboard.
  7. Click Add at the bottom right of the pop-up window.
    MS - Add Collaborator - Confirm
  8. Under Media Co-Editors and Co-Publishers there will be a list of the current collaborators and some options to the right.
    MS - Collaboration - List

    • MS - Collaboration - Pencil – Edits the user’s current permissions.
    • MS - Collaboration - Remove – Removes the current user from the current video.

When a Co-Publisher publishes a video, they will need to click “View Media I Own” and change it to “Media I Can Publish.”
Bb Insert Kaltura Video - Videos That I OwnFor more reference on using the media in Blackboard, see the following tutorial: Access your Kaltura Media.