Using Kaltura My Media in Blackboard

Below are the steps for options to include your videos in your Blackboard course, or simply download the video to your computer.

  1. Link the Video from a Media Gallery
  2. Embed the video in a content area in your Blackboard course
  3. Embed the video within a Discussion or Assignment in your Blackboard course

Link the Video from a Media Gallery

The Media Gallery tool allows you to group videos together for ease of access. For information on setting up a Media Gallery in your course, click here.

  1. Navigate to the relevant Media Gallery.
  2. Click “+ Add Media” to the right.
    Blackboard - Button Add Media
  3. Scroll through your media and click the check box to the left of each video you’d like to include.
    Blackboard - Select Media
  4. Click “+ Publish” to the right.
    Blackboard - Button Publish
  5. Your videos will appear in the Media Gallery for student consumption.

To Embed Video in a Content Area in Your Blackboard Course:

  1. Log into your Blackboard account.
  2. Go to the course in which you intend to embed a video. 
  3. Navigate to the Course Documents folder.
  4. Under the Build Content dropdown, under the Mashups subheading, select Kaltura Media.
  5. Click on the Filters button.
  6. In the third column, select Media I Can Publish
  7. Find the video you intend to embed and click Select to the right of its preview thumbnail. 
  8. Enter a title for your selected video.
  9. At the bottom right corner of the page, click Submit.
  10. You will be redirected to the Course Documents folder, where you should now find your video successfully embedded.

To Embed a Video in a Discussion, Assignment, or Blank Page:

  1. Log into Blackboard.
  2. Navigate to the course in which you want to use the video.
    Bb InstructorCourse
  3. Ensure Edit Mode by the top-right is On. You may toggle Edit Mode on and off by clicking the grey button.
    Note: In the picture, Edit Mode is ON, meaning the user is ready to create an assignment.
    Bb Edit Mode
  4. Navigate to the page or assignment you wish to embed your video in. Refer here for information on creating an assignment.
  5. If you have not done so already, click the Expand button at the top-right of the content editor.
    Bb Content Editor Expand
  6. Click Mashups.
    Bb Content Editor Mashups
  7. Click Kaltura Media.
    Bb Content Editor Mashups Kaltura Video
  8. A pop-up will open. If you are posting a video you don’t own but have co-publishing rights to, click “View Media I Own” and select “Media I Can Publish.”
    Bb Insert Kaltura Video - Videos That I Own
  9. Navigate to your desired video and click Select under the preview thumbnail.
    Blackboard - Select Media
  10. The pop-up will close and your video will be inserted into its relevant page. When you are ready, scroll down and click Submit to finalize your changes.
    Bb Submit